Business Development Facilitator for Hospitality Industry

Our mission


We are Marketing & Sales Facilitator based in Asia in terms of substantial experience and knowledge of how to deal with Japanese and APAC out-bound tourism. The goal is to lead clients come and staying at your hotel in Europe, North & South America, Middle East & Africa and any other countries for leisure or business purpose. Our commitment is simple but enthusiastic, to collaborate with an individual hotel or the property who strive after a quick brand development and return of investment.


Outsourcing services

Global Marketing Policy is crucial however, technology delivers unlimited information at once. The guest can check hotel price at varied source and they are fully aware of the fact through social media. The brand new 5 star hotel is diligent how to develop a hotel brand awareness in the worldwide high-end leisure but also aim the meeting room revenue, an exotic charming hotel seeks for quick result from particular segmentation in terms of touching marketing actions.

Mass Marketing Strategy is inadequate for hotel business at the cutting edge. Do you believe the global website encourage the guest from Japan? The language barrier is complicated and seldom people goes on visit website in English. Beware of incoherent translation conveys odds and rather negative impression. We are all certified linguistics professionals, Marketer and heading the career in new generation.

Prêt-à-porter package

Each hotel has different objectives and landing stage. Your hotel may need support to launch an inauguration or an hotel will like to implement marketing action to convince the tangible result. The package meets those demands based on 3 different criteria and the flexible duration starting from 3 months services.

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