Business Development Facilitator for Hospitality Industry

FAQFrequent Questions

We are member of some Hotel Affiliation Group. Do you provide us the service in your outline?

We are facilitator for your business development. Our package of MARKETING BASIC or MARKETING DIRECT exactly meet to your needs.

Do you offer the service as our exclusive Representative in Japan or Asia ?

We will assign the dedicated agent(s) to your property as well as an individual office space. The contract is for 3 years at the initial stage subject to agreement.

Do you work as our Representative in Japan or Asia?

We will act as Representative for your property without exclusivity. The contract is based on 1 year minimum.

Hotel Reservations System

Do you have the online distribution system? How do you optimise E-commerce?

We are not selling the booking platform at this stage but our 'BAM Connect’ monitoring concept drives the guest will go to your online system after visiting the hotel website in Japanese.


How can we purchase your package and additional services?

As far as we achieved on the service agreement each other, we will issue the contract and invoice in digital. You make the bank transfer or settle by credit card prior to service commencement. The payment is in Japanese currency and the due date is normally set within 30 days upon the contract.

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